Where to park?

Depending on type of vehicle - Cars, trucks and box trucks, etc have 2 options:

1) Along curbside directly in front of the clinic - simply pull up to the office and park - then it's only 5-6 steps to the door!

2) Around the corner - pull up to the clinic in right lane, turn right and there is parking along the side street (Warren Ave) - exit vehicle and you are 20-30 steps from the clinic door!

For 53' Rigs, etc:

1) This is tough but depending on the time of day you can pull into right lane and park right in front of the clinic - our clinic is in the city and the city side streets are very narrow with parking on both sides of the street so DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN DOWN ANY OF THE SIDE STREETS AROUND THE CLINIC!!!

2) About a mile up the road is a gigantic lot, "Great Western" is the old name of the mall (Wilson & Broad)- you can park there and walk down or take a bus right down to the office.  A bus is a straight shot from Wilson Rd. and Broad St. to the office.